Custom Acrylic Signs Made Your Way

You create the designs, then we convert them into printed acrylic signs featuring rich, dynamic colors and eye-catching sign shapes. In our upstate New York factory, we have the best printers, machining equipment, light booths for color matching and, most of all – the best craftspeople. If you’ve been searching for a partner who will respect your designs and faithfully reproduce them as a finished product, you’ve found the right people in Scott® Sign Partner!

Signs of Collaboration and Cooperation

We’re your perfect sign partner because we know how desk and office signs are most efficiently made. That efficiency goes hand-in-hand with out-of-the-box thinking, too, whether specially shaping your sign or bending it to fit your workspace – at no extra charge! And we can conveniently move Adobe and other popular files between the designer (that’s you!) and our finishing team of experienced sign printers (that’s us!).

Size Up Your Colorful Signs

Working in tandem with us, you can specify custom acrylic signs in virtually any color, shape or size, all the way up to 11” x 16”, with the confidence we can deliver exactly what you design. In every dimension, you can count on clean bright whites, rich true blacks and bold, accurate colors beneath a clean, professional-looking acrylic panel. Colors dependably endure with time under fluorescent lights or even outdoor conditions.

True Artistry Every Time

You put a lot of effort into designing your acrylic office signs, whether for desks, cubicles or countertops…custom or special profiles. Whatever your vision, you need someone who understands and appreciates your creativity. That’s exactly what you get from Scott craftspeople, no matter if you’re greeting someone with a welcome or outlining an emergency exit floorplan. Simply design your sign yourself, then e-mail it to us and, like a true sign partner, we’ll turn your artistry into a beautifully finished product!

We invite you to download our Acrylic Signs and Prices for a more detailed explanation of these important components.